A miniature horse is a breed or type of horse characterized by its small size. Usually it has been bred to display in miniature the physical characteristics of a full-sized horse, but to be little over 100 cm in height, or even less. Miniature horse is different from a pony.

Interesting Facts
1) Miniature horses were developed by humans many centuries ago by selectively breeding small horses and ponies.
2) Miniature horses are different from ponies. They are usually not taller than 97cm and look more like small horses.
3) Horse eyes can concentrate on two different things at the same time
4) The smallest horse on record was 44.5 cm tall, while the tallest horse ever measured was 2.20m.
5) Horses can sleep both lying down and standing up.
6) Horses have excellent senses, including good hearing, eyesight, and a tremendous sense of balance.
7) Some miniature horses are being trained as service animals for visually impaired people. Miniature horses are great alternatives to dogs for certain people, as they have a much longer lifespan than dogs, and are suitable for horse lovers or people that may be allergic to dogs.
8) There are approximately 600 horses breeds.
9) The oldest horse ever was 62 years old, while the average life span for horses is around 30 years.