Potbellied pigs have a short to medium wrinkled snout, small erect ears, large jowls in proportion to the head, a short neck, a pronounced potbelly, a swayed back, and a straight tail with a switch at the end. Most are black with occasional white on the snout, head, feet, or tail, but some are grey or completely white.

Interesting Facts
1) Mini pigs are not that mini, their weight can go from 70 – 150lb, but they can be as heavy as 200lb.
2) The life expectancy of these pigs is from 14 to 21 years, with proper nutrition and medical care.
3) Mini pigs can communicate with 20 different sounds, which include barking, screams, grunts and so on.
4) Mini pigs are very smart animals, as are other kinds of pigs. They can be trained to walk on a leash, and learn commands such as stay, sit, come and so on.
5) Like other kinds of pigs, pot-bellied pigs have very bad vision, but very developed senses of smell and hearing.
6) When pigs pack too many pounds, some rolls can cover their eyes, which causes mechanical blindness.
7) Pigs are opportunistic eaters. If they have access to it, they will eat it. If they can find it, they will eat it. If it crawls, wanders, or slithers into their pen, they will probably eat that, too. This includes open fridges, freezers, boxes and so on.
8) When they sleep, pigs like to cuddle close together to keep each other warm.
9) Pigs are very good at recognizing danger or trouble. There are many documented cases of owners being saved from fires or dangerous situations by their pet pigs.
10) Pigs have a very good memory and can hold grudges. They learn and remember things quickly, such as where you keep food.