A donkey is a four-legged domesticated farm animal with hooves and is related to the horse. Donkeys are known for the braying sound they make, and their long ears. Farmers often keep donkeys for pulling carts, carrying heavy loads, or even for guarding flocks of sheep.

Interesting Facts
1) Donkeys are very protective, lots of farmers use this animal to guard their sheep or cattle from predators. However, donkeys aren’t a threat to humans.
2) Donkeys have a reputation for standing their ground and are not easily startled like their counterparts, horses. This behaviour is motivated by their instinctive nature to self-preserve. In the face of danger, they stay fixed in a position to assess the situation and decide their next move.
3) Donkey skin is in high demand in China. It is used for beauty products, pills and other consumables as it is believed to have healing power.
4) Donkeys can live up to 50 years old and have a great memory. They can remember faces and places from 25 years ago.
5) Donkeys can see all 4 legs at one time.
6) Donkeys’ eyes are at the sides of their heads, giving them a wide field of vision. They have both monocular and binocular vision, which allows them to see two fields of vision at once (monocular) or to focus on the same thing with both eyes at the same time (binocular). There is a blind spot directly in front of the donkey and one directly behind.
7) There is no exact number of donkey breeds. It is believed there are 189 donkey breeds, but this number constantly fluctuates.
8) Donkeys can carry twice their own weight.
9) Donkeys love bananas.
10) They prefer to stay on their feet while sleeping. There’s a special part of their brain that maintains their balance even when they’re unconscious, so they don’t need to lie down as other animals might.