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Farmlanda is a fun, safe and exciting place for everyone! Our farm is dedicated to connecting people with animals. From animal petting and feeding to learning and fun games, Farmlanda is a perfect place for family visits, birthday parties and school field trips!

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Glimpse into farm life, as you have never seen it before. Follow our animals through their days.

Visitors’ Reviews

“Farmlanda is amazing! Secluded woods with beautiful animals give you a fantastic chance to spend quality time with your family. The programs are well organized and are very interesting and educating.”

Peter Stoppani, 41 y.o.

“My family and I were left with a very pleasant experience. The kids loved interacting with the animals and exploring the farm. The staff is very friendly, and the environment was safe. Definitely recommend!”

Sophia Gubinskaya, 29 y.o.

“Incredible experience! It was a lot of fun for my kids, but also very educational. Will definitely make another visit!”

Valeriy Popko, 35 y.o.